Short Game Area

Completed in 2018 our all weather synthetic short game area has received rave reviews from our hard core golfers. With the opportunity to train rain or shine, night or day, our short game golf practise facility really is exceptional.

Please take a look at the below gallery but the best way to really appreciate it is to get down to Ultimate Golf Centre and see it for yourself. If you are new visitor quote the the word ” I am Sergio ” and we will give you a FREE Tour of the facility and a discount on membership.

golf practise
golf practise
golf practise
golf practise
golf practise
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If you are looking to increase your golf practise you could do worse than join our short game area. Floodlit to enable our evening golfers and the synthetic surface means its available to use whatever the weather.

Golf Practise at its best !

Below is a video produced by ultimate golf to demonstrate the value of our short game facility for your golf practise.

Any new visitors can’t help but be impressed with our short game area. To our knowledge there isn’t another facility like it within the West Midlands area and very few similar in the UK.

Experienced Golfers & Pro’s

The more experienced golfers and local semi pro golfers have been delighted with our short game facility. If they are unable to get away to warmer climates then the short game area at Ultimate Golf Centre enables them to practise all year round. No mud or puddles, just golf training at one of the best facilities in the UK.

Membership of the Short Game Area is very competitively priced and is affordable for all. If you would like to try before you buy then please call in the facility or give us a call on the number below. We look forward to welcoming you to the Ultimate Golf Centre

golf practise
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