Servicing & Repair

Our servicing and repair centre has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. We all know golf equipment can be expensive so here at Ultimate Golf Centre we will always try and assist our customers with repair.

Many establishments have moved away from servicing and repairs as its not always deemed economical. If our experts think it can be repaired then they will do everything they can for you. However we are realistic and if your club head is split in two, it’s unlikely we can save it.

Repairs at work

Whether its a loft check, re-grip or a re-shaft our experts will provide a first class service. It still amazes our customers how something like a lie check and change can make such a huge difference to their game.

In general our repairs are concentrated on clubs and trolleys but please feel free to ask our onsite experts if you require assistance with any other golf equipment, if they can help they will.

Repair shop

Our Standard Servicing & Repair Prices:

  • Loft & Lie Check – FREE
  • Loft & Lie Change – £3.00 Per Iron
  • Re-Shafting* – From £15.00
  • Re-gripping – From £2.00 per club
  • Grip Size Alterations – £5.00
  • Club Extension* – £6.00
  • Shorten Shaft – £4.00
  • Golf Club MOT – £20.00

*Cost of new grips and shafts extra – see a member of staff for more details

Regular maintenance of your golf equipment can save you hundreds of pounds over time. Regular cleaning and sensible storage of your equipment will ensure its stays in peak condition, and if it needs help then come and see us and let’s see if we can help. If you do need new clubs our customer advisors are always available to help.

If you would like assistance please call in to the shop or give us a call on the number below.

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