Golf Coaching & Academy

Welcome to Ultimate Golf Centre and our Golf Coaching programme and academy. Our golf coaching programmes are technology and method based which enables us to truly evaluate your techniques and improve and hone your skills.

Using the latest Trackman and Top Tracer technology you can be assured that our coaches are utilising factual information about everything from your swing speed to your launch angles. Every individual lesson we offer we will use the trackman or top tracer equipment which offers our pupils a real insight in to their golfing. Whether its a bad slice or regular topping of the ball we can give you the exact reason why this is happening and demonstrate with stats. The pupils really benefit from being able to see the information displayed as they get a better understanding of where they have gone wrong.

When using Trackman we can even send the information to the pupils email address after the lesson so they can refresh their memory when practising and also gives them the benefit of being able to see their improvement over the time of their lessons.

Our Coaches

We have 3 fantastic PGA Pro’s at Ultimate Golf Centre. All 3 have too many years experience to mention but all offer a friendly and relaxed environment for you to learn or improve you’re golf.

Simon Leahy – Founder, Owner & PGA Pro

Graeme Long – PGA Pro

Andrew Cheese – PGA Pro

For further information & Bio’s on our coaches click here

Ultimate Golf Junior Academy

Our Junior Golf Academy is a real gem in our golfing arsenal and we are still astonished how quickly the younger generation pick up the sport. For further information about our Junior Academy Click Here

Ladies Learn Golf

Did you know that 24% of golfers are now ladies. Here at Ultimate Golf Centre we welcome lady golfers of all abilities to our ladies learn golf programme which is run as weekly roll up lessons.

The programme is designed be educational, fun and social and we will be developing social and golfing events in tandem with the lessons.

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Weekly Group Lessons

We understand that many golfers want pointers and tips rather than regular individual lessons. Although individual lessons and practise will always be the best way to improve our weekly group lessons are a great benefit for our regulars. Competitively priced, professional coaching and socialising with other golfers. What more can you wish for. Click Here for more info